Home Remedy for Allergy

by Johnathan Davis
(Bedford. Indiana. USA)

Hi grandma, my name is johnathan davis, im 21 years old and i live on my own, my girlfriend has some bad allergys. Right now she is feeling miserble, runny nose, the its stopped up, pressure in her head, in her nose. She is coughing, i need to find a way to get her better and not miserble, without giving her chemical medicane, please help!
Thank you,
Johnathan. Davis
My email address is john_davis97@yahoo.com

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Sep 29, 2012
Allergies & Remedies
by: Grandma

Hello Johnathan,

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I'm dealing with computer problems and each time I think I have it fixed something else happens.

I hope your girlfriend appreciates what a kind and caring boyfriend she has..it's so sweet of you to take the time to write to me about her allergies.

The best thing I have found for allergies is the neti-pot. My youngest son dealt with terrible allergies for years with the same symptoms your girlfriend is having. I finally saw Dr. Oz talk about the neti-pot on his TV show one day and went out and bought one. After just a few times my son was like a new person. Now anytime the allergies start sneaking up on him he just uses the neti-pot and gets relief right away.

To learn how to use a neti-pot just go to the button on the left "Home Remedies" then scroll down and look for "Home Remedy for Sinus Infection". It really isn't expensive...about $10.00, try to find a ceramic one..not plastic. All you need is sea salt and warm water to put in it. It does take a bit of a learning curve to use it but well worth it.


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