Home Remedies for Headaches
and Understanding the Cause

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Headaches come in many forms and have a variety of causes. Home remedies for headaches also come in many forms and varieties. The most important home remedy for any headache is to first understand what is the cause. The headache, no matter what kind of headache you are dealing with, is the effect of the cause.

A headache, one of the body's most powerful alarm signals, is often a sign of physical or psychological overload.

There are several types of headaches, and they differ according to how and where the pain occurs.

  • tension
  • cluster
  • simple
  • combination
  • migraine

Many different things can trigger headache pain:

  • tense muscles in head and neck
  • symptoms of stress
  • caffeine withdrawal
  • allergies
  • food allergies
  • certain infectious diseases
  • medication side effects
  • constricted or expanded blood vessels
  • altered pressure in the head
  • weather change
  • blood pressure

Natural home remedies for headaches including---relaxation exercises, massage and homeopathic remedies-can often be as effective as standard medications in preventing or relieving the pain caused by the different forms of headache.

Grandma's Old Fashioned
Home Remedies for Headaches

photo showing foot acupressure to relieve headache Simple Home remeides for headeaches: Headaches can be alleviated by cold compresses, baths, acupressure and relaxation techniques. You should minimize your exposure to external stimuli, exercise in fresh air and abstain from smoking and alcohol.

Relaxation and avoidance of stimuli Create a soothing environment, free of such external stimuli as light and noise. Ventilate the room; a fan will help circulate the air (but don't let it blow directly on you.) Close the windows and draw the blinds. Turn off the radio and TV and unplug the phone. If the area is still noisy, put cotton balls or ear plugs in your ears. Consciously try to relax, preferably with the aid of a relaxation technique, such as yoga or meditation.

Help from acupressure Use your thumb and index finger to press against the bridge of your nose at the corners of your eyes. Or, rub the center of the fleshy webbing between your index finger and thumb.

A soothing footbath A footbath diverts the blood supply from your head to your feet. Bathe your feet in a basin of 95 degrees F. water. Add hot water at 5-minute intervals, until 115 degrees F. is reached. After soaking your feet for 5 minutes, pour in cold water until the temperature is lukewarm. Put on wool socks and lie down for about 20 minutes.

Herbal Remedies It is thought that Kava Kava can relieve tension headaches, and Feverfew and Ginko Biloba are often recommended to prevent migraines. Read how I cured My Chronic Headaches once I found I had a food allergy to dairy and a daily dose of Feverfew.

Magnesium Deficiency Through my research over the years I have found that magnesium deficiency is one of the leading causes of migraines or even a daily dull headache. Most people and even doctors underestimate the power of magnesium.

Essential Oils Run yourself this warm bath to alleviate tension and relax blood vessels. Combine the following essential oils with an emulsifier (cream of honey): 3 drops of chamomile, 3 drops of rosemary. Add the mixture to the bathwater.

Caffeine and lemon drink This time-tested home remedy for headaches can provide quick headache relief. Put a few drops of fresh lemon juice in a cup of black coffee and drink it in small sips. Warning This is not for people with sensitive stomachs!

Home Remedies for Headaches and
Headache Treatments

Cold compress Moisten a cloth with cold water, put 2 drops of peppermint oil on it and apply it to the painful area for about 15 minutes.

Potato poultice Cut 2 large unpeeled potatoes into quarters and boil until tender. Mash them and press out the excess moisture. Wrap the warm mixture in a cloth; place it on the back of the neck for about 15 minutes.

Horseradish poultice Add a small amount of water to finely grated horseradish. Wrap it in a cloth; apply it to the neck for not more than 5 minutes. This will stimulate the skin, which helps extinguish headache pain. If your skin is sensitive, spread cream over your neck before applying the poultice.

photo of a women painting on canvas outdoors to relieve headache symptoms stress Sometimes you just have to experiment and see what home remedies for headaches works for you. Just taking the time to relax and do something that you enjoy doing can relieve a headache.

Start a log about when your headaches occur, think about what you ate or what you were doing at the time. Did something or someone cause a stressful situation? Maybe you were visiting someone or at a location that suddenly brought a headache on. There are so many triggers and so many ways to figure these things out. The main thing is, start thinking about the details, the clues are there, it's up to you to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Types of Headaches

photo of a young girl suffering from a headache from eating ice cream Simple headache symptoms are: hammering, buzzing, pulsing in the head. Causes: stress, sensitivity to weather or changes in atmospheric pressure, high blood pressure, fever or lack of oxygen.

Tension headache symptoms are: dull oppressive pain occurring in the temples. Begins at the back of the head and neck or in the forehead and spreads throughout the head. Causes: muscular tension or bad posture.

Cluster headache symptoms are: piercing, burning pain, which occurs on one side of the head and always in the same place. Cause: unknown

Migraine headache symptoms are: pain is usually on one side of the head only. Often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and vision problems. Causes: heredity factors are circulatory disturbances in the brain.

Combination headache symptoms are: dull oppressive pain that usually begins in the morning and reoccurs between migraine attacks. Cause: unknown.

More often than people realize headaches are caused by allergies, especially food allergies. Click on this link to read about food allergies. Pay attention to what you are eating and drinking, or could be something as minor as an ingredient or the preparation of your food.

Chemical and noise pollution and are more headache triggers. It's been discovered something as simple as a cleaning solution or fumes from a nearby factory is enough to trigger chronic headaches.

The best home remedies for headaches are first figuring out the cause. Once you know the cause it's easy to understand and use the best and most efficient home remedies for headaches.


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