Home Remedies for Big Brown Roaches that can Fly

by Marie

Hi, Grandma,

I'm a grandma too! Recently had roaches come into our home. One in my medicine cabinet, one in a sheet on top of my sewing board, and saw one when I went to make my bed in the morning! This happened 1,2,3 on separate days. Then after the bug man came, and sprayed baseboards inside, thru vents sprayed under the house, and at the base of the house outside, I took my jeans out of the closet to the laundry room, shook them, and another one came out!!! Cancelled the bug company after they said, "Well, it will take seven to ten days to take effect." HELP!!!!! Have put roach traps around, and some dishes with baking soda and sugar, but have to clean out my closet & I'm so scared more are in there. Would like some input, please. Have you had this happen? Can I get rid of them? Is this just a one time thing??

Thanks so much for any information!!

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Jul 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

I know the feeling! However, they come from outside. What I've found helpful is sprinkling around exterior doors with Boric Acid. Once I followed one and it was escaping from me by going behind my stove. So I sprinkled some behind there as well as in between. Next day I had three dead. If they live to make it back to the nest after walking through the powder, they take it back "home" and it will kill the others. Read label carefully if you have any pets. I don't and have had success with it. I know you will sweep and mop your house so I suggest sprinkling fresh powder right before dark as that's when they're usually seen around door-steps/porches. Good luck!

Jul 01, 2014
Home Remedies for Roaches
by: Grandma

Hello Marie,

It's always so nice to hear from a fellow Grandma. Sorry it had to be about you dealing with roaches. I remember when I was growing up my hometown was infested with roaches in different neighborhoods. It seemed it was impossible to get rid of them.

There are so many home remedies to get rid of roaches and to be honest that's what I'd use since it seems roaches have become immune to the toxic chemicals used by the exterminators.

The first thing I'd try in the closet is getting an old sheet and cutting into squares and filling with catnip, just put a rubber band around the pouches and lay in your closet, roaches hate catnip and will run away. I'd also try using essential oil of peppermint. Just fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of peppermint and spray your closet and around the house. Roaches hate mint also. It will also help make your house all fresh and minty.

As a last resort you can always get a few chickens or a Gecko, they love eating roaches..ha! sorry heard about that and thought it was so funny.

I hope this helps...since you already know about the borax and sugar. Everything does take awhile to work so just be patient and don't give up hope.


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