Home or Herbal Remedy for Parasites or Tapeworms

by Diane

My brother has a constant itch on his skin that is maddening that he cannot heal we have used the miticin no avail. He is losing weight and looks terrible. It is driving him crazy. The doctor took his blood and said his blood work was perfect except his creatinne was low. He looks bad and skinny and itching especially on his limbs and head.
Thanks for suggestions
We don't know what to do.

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Oct 30, 2010
Sometimes We Have to be Detectives
by: Grandma

Hello Diane,

I understand your concern for your brothers symptoms and his health. There are so many things that can be causing an itch like that and weight loss. Although, it could be what you suspect, parasites. I doubt if it's a tapeworm.

The first step I'd take is to rule out an allergy. My youngest son had a terrible allergy to dairy and it caused him to have skin itch, emotional problems, like nightmares, and it also caused him to have weight loss. It don't really have to be a food allergy, it could be something in his enviroment that is causing his symptoms, like the soap he baths with or perhaps laundry detergent, or some kind of cleaning solution used in the home or in school. I'd recommend you first go to the button that says "Allergy Wisdom" and read through that area and maybe put him on the food elimination diet as the first step. If you don't notice any results then I'd find a Natural Health Practioner in your area and see if they can figure out if he is dealing with parasites. Many times parasites don't show up in a blood test. A health practioner can use an instrument to look into your brothers eyes and see if he's having problems with parasites. Then he could be put on herbs to flush them out.


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