Hip replacement?

Hi Patty,
I just discovered your website. Congratulations we're about the same age I'd guess. I read that you were facing hip surgery and that you live in PA. I had both my left hip and right knee replaced (6 months apart) last year and it has made a huge difference in my life. I hope you know about the "Joint Camp" at the Guthrie Clinic in Sayre, PA and Dr. Cohen who is the head of Orthopedics there. I strongly urge you to check them out before you consider surgery any where else. They have a whole wing just for joint replacement, the staff is specially selected and a friend or family member can stay and be trained as your coach so you don't have to do outside physical therapy.(Huge cost saving) They use a much safer, more advanced form of blood thinner than the old coumadin treatment that requires clinic visits and tests to regulate it.

I am without a cane for the first time in 10 years and I can even go to the gym. This time last year I was just recovering after a year with a cane or a walker.

Good luck where ever you have it done.
Mary Sullivan

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Sep 27, 2012
Hip & Knee
by: Grandma

Hello Mary,

I was so surprised to read your submission. Goodness that's so nice of you to think of me again. I realize I should have gotten back to you but life has a way these days of keeping me so busy and forgetful. I even forgot about Guthrie.

At that time I was going through an insurance issue and when I called the insurance company they didn't want to cover the expense. I did finally get a knee operation..not a replacement. I just had it done locally to avoid the insurance hassle. It helped some...but the pain was really awful. I'm still dealing with knee pain. Of course the hip is still giving me grief. I'm going to be going through an insurance change again since Medicare will be kicking in. I'm going to need to check with Medicare and see what kind of coverage I will have along with my supplement insurance.

How are you doing? Are you still glad you had the replacements done? Needless to say, I've still been sitting on the fence about it all.

Thank you again Mary, Guthrie really did slip my mind because of the hassle with the insurance but you have me thinking about it again.


Sep 26, 2012
by: Mary

How did you make out @ Guthrie???

Mar 03, 2010
Hip Replacement or Knee Surgery
by: Grandma

Hello Mary,

I've been trying to find the right words to express to you how touched I am that you would take the time to reach out to me and tell me about your experience and your wonderful results.

I have to admit I've never heard of the Guthrie Clinic or Dr. Cohen. But I'm awfully excited to hear of such a place.

I'm still dealing with the hip pain and also knee pain, all on my right leg. I've been to 5 different Dr.'s and keep getting 5 different diagnosis. I've been to 3 different physical therapy clinics and it all has seemed a waste of time. It's been 3 years now and I've gotten to the point I'm not sure where or who to turn to.

I've been doing a lot of praying and I can't help but feel that God heard my prayers and sent you to my website. I will check the Guthrie Clinic out and hopefully they will be able to figure out what exactly is wrong with my right hip and knee. I'm so glad it's located in PA, I'm not sure how far away it is from where I live but I will find out.

Thank you again, and God Bless you for your concern,

Grandma Patty

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