HI Grandman

thank you for the advice on parasites and garlic..i did that today my friends would always eat those raw garlic sandwiches,,so this morning I did it..but let me ask you..im a hairdresser i need clean breath..and garlic breath can be bad,,and the smell from mt skin generating...do you know of anything other then chewing parsley?....

also I wanted to ask you on gums and teeth?..what should i do for my gums and make strong teeth?...thank you for your input..
Valerie Gatto

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Dec 02, 2011
Breath Pleasers
by: Grandma


I always liked celery as a breath pleaser. It's so easy to munch on and full of vitamins and minerals. My mother used to keep a glass full salt water on our table full of celery strips and we'd munch on them through the day. It really helps clean the breath. Also, mint teas are good to sip on through the day, really good for the stomach and breath.

Of course you can always go the the old standby, mint chewing gum.


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