Herbal Teas & Herbs for Chron's Disease

by Angela mast
(Taylorsville, Utah)

What are some good ideas for usage of teas or herbs in dealing with Chron's diseas. I have struggled with intstinal problems for a while now and am always open to new idea of maintenace.

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Oct 04, 2010
Chron's Disease & Medicinal Herbal Remedies
by: Grandma

Hello Angela,

I couldn't agree with you more to look for an alternative remedy for Chron's Disease from what I've read about the side effects of not only the prescription drugs but also the over-the-counter drugs suggested to relieve the symptoms of Chron's Disease.

The first thing I'd try is using Kombucha Tea to try to do a colon cleanse as a regular routine. Kombucha Tea is excellent for many ailments and known to eleminate toxins in our body. You can read about it on my website under Medicinal Teas.

I'd also try using teas like Lemon Balm, catnip tea, wild garlic and Green Tea. Drinking Green Tea on a regular basis can be really beneficial to your health. Garlic can help with any bacterial infections.

Herbs like Slippery Elm and Aloe Vera are known to relieve the soreness and promote the healing in your intestines, colon and stomach.

Have you tried to seek a professional Natural Health Practioner in your area? I think this person could quickly develope into one of your best friends.


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