Herbal Remedy for Worm Like Hair in Scalp

Grandma I have been suffering for 3 yrs with hairs that move by themselves and lay eggs. They live in my clothing carpet and are airborn. I am very sick with gas and belching and body itches everywhere. What can it be n what do I do? I am desperate. Angie church. Its like larvae are coming out my whole body in between toes feels like worms and getting white fuzz on all my clothes. Please help me.

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Nov 06, 2014
by: Grandma

Hello Angie,

Goodness, this just sounds awful what you are going through. Have you seen any Dr. about this? It sounds like you are dealing with some kind of parasite. Don't let the sound of that freak you out, millions of people deal with parasites and most never know that's what is causing the symptoms. I wrote a whole page about parasites and what you can do about them on my other website. Just go to:


If the link above don't work just copy and past the address in your browser.

One of the best things to start out with is garlic, lots of garlic. You can also start adding pumpkin seeds to your diet. I also suggest you start rinsing your scalp with half cup of Apple Cider Vinegar & half cup of warm water, just mix together and rinse.

But I want you to read the entire page about parasites and decide if you might need to do a herbal para-cleanse. The herbal company I buy all my herbal needs from is listed on the page I wrote.


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