Herb Supplies

by Amber Malfoyrium
(Manteca, CA, US)


I love using home remedies and growing my own herbs. Sadly my garden is to small to grow all of the plants I often need for my remedies (big family+bad immune systems) so, what websites would you recommend for dried herbs and what not? Also, what type of hop cones would you reccomend for tea? I would really appreciate it if you got back to me, thanks!!

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Dec 04, 2010
Herbal Wisdom
by: Grandma

Hello Amber,

Like you, I'm such a true believer in herbal wisdom and health. I've had my herb garden for so many years and I love it. Although grandpa gets very upset with me and my herb garden because it tends to spread and take over the entire garden. This past summer my feverfew and lemon balm decided to spread into grandpa's tomato plant patch and I nicknamed him the unhappy gardner. :)

It's hard for me to recommend an online source for dried herbs since I buy what I can't grow from local growers. I do buy herbal supplements from a company that I trust completely and I've recently contacted them because I'm building an entirely new website called, grandmas-herbal-remedies.com. It's taking a lot of work but it will be well worth it in time. Here I'm going to provide so much information about all the herbs I love and use. I'm going to have links to herbal supplememts, herbal teas and all the areas I've learned to trust. I think you and many visitors to Grandma's Wisdom will enjoy visiting Grandmas Herbal Remedies just as much. I hope you'll be patient while I do my research and make sure what I recommend is what you've been searching for.

Thank you for your confidence in me,


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