Herb for my daughter she is Pregnant .

by Vicky
(Vernonia Oregon)

My daughter is 21 and has a daughter but had a bad time of it. She has a rare blood type that attacks the fetus. She is now 6 weeks and she can't seem to carry for more then 3 months lots of miscarriages. Is there anything she could take(Herbal).That might help with this problem? I'll take any help.

Thank you Vicky
I'm a grandmother also I have 11 to bless them just love them all. The more the merrier.

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Jul 11, 2009
High Risk Pregnancy
by: Grandma

Hello Vicky,

It's so nice to meet another grandma. Goodness, I think we are having a race at how many grandchildren our children will bless us with.:)

No matter how old our children get we never stop worrying about them. I completely understand your concern for your daughter and your new grandchild.

I honestly don't feel qualified to offer real suggestions on herbal therapy for a high risk pregnancy. You have to be extremely careful what you take during pregnancy, even herbs. Some herbs will actually bring on early labor. I know there are herbs that can be taken the last few months of pregnancy to ease the labor. I also know that your daughter's physician should be giving her multivitamins with high levels of folic acid.

It seems your daughter and I have a lot in common. I was known for high-risk pregnancy. I also have RH Negative blood type. I'm wondering, and I hope, your daughter received the injection for Rh immunoglobulin or Rho-GAM. This should be given to any woman within (I think 48 hours after delivery or miscarriage)that has RH negative blood. This will prevent any antibodies from attacking a new fetus. This is especially important if the first baby is born RH positive and/or the father is RH positive.

I would suggest that you contact a Natural Health Provider in your area and gIve your daughter history. At this point I would recommend she rests as much as possible and try eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit, and try to add olive oil to her diet (it's also great for the skin and stretch marks).

Sending Blessing to you and your daughter, I'll remember your new grandbaby in my prayers.


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