Hepatitis C

by margaret hiltz
(mississauga ontario canada)

I am looking for ways to detox my liver. I have found your apple juice lemon and olive oil, I was wondering if you had any other suggestions to help me with my health.

I recently found a site promoting an expensive way to detox the colon. Do you have a home remedy for that also?

Thank you for providing your information for free. Your remedies are hard to come by with out the dollars. Being low income as I am, I am very grateful for your site.

Thank you,


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Oct 09, 2008
Liver and Colon Detox
by: Grandma

Hello Margaret,

Thank you so much for writing all the nice things you wrote to me. It's visitors like you that keep me inspired to sit here at my computer writing for long hours, sometimes late into the night, and share the wisdom I'm so lucky to have found through either experince, research or other grandmothers.

Margaret, there are many inexpensive ways to detox the liver and once it's healthy again it's important to protect the liver from stress and weakness.

There are many Chinese herbal remedies that has proven to be very helpful in detoxing the liver. Such as, dang-quai, there are many combinations of Chinese herbal teas and capsules you can find at your local health food stores.

Another inexpensive remedy is Turmeric, it's especially good for Hepatitis and all you have to do is sprinkle it on your food. Licorice Root Tea is really good for treating Cirrhosis of the liver and Hepatitis. If my liver was stressed and I was experiencing any of these problems I would try these treatments.

It's important to know though, once you start on these herbal treatments you should keep going with it everyday for at least 90 days. Once your liver is clean and stress-free then I'd have a cup of Ginger Tea everyday and add ginger to many of my food recipes as often as possible.

I have recently started another website that will explain the human liver and ways to detox. Visit:


It's a fairly new website so I have a lot of work to get done with it, but I think you'll enjoy reading the information about the liver.

Thank you again Margaret, I hope these suggestions help. I'm so glad you found my website, it upsets me when I hear how some people build websites and try to charge people outragious prices for products or information.

I'll keep you in my prayers,


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