Help!!!!!!!!!Relationship Trainwreck

by smith

Tell if what i am doing is right or wrong....

Well I really like this girl for last probably 6 years. We used to be the best of friends till high school and everyone used to get jealous of us even the teachers...both of us knew we liked each other and loved the way we used to play. Then I changed cities after high school. We used to talk on the phone for hours in the first few months then we just faded away, I didn't call her for a year after that....4 years back I was preparing to go to an engineering college and took off to prepare for it.

Since I had nuthin else to do so I returned back to the same city, somehow I didn't plan for it she got in touch with me. It was fun in the beginning but later pressure of studies caught me and again I lost touch of her...

After a year when I had completed the first year of college I again got in touch with her again not planned...but still...we again started talking like we used to do and I had this feeling that now I couldn't live without her, I totally planned to tell her that but 2 days before I found out that she now has a boyfriend, who was also in the same class as we were in high school, and who also went away but came back and they were in a relationship, serious one at that i just held back my feelings and totally started ignoring her. Even she didn't stress on it much and we again stopped talking to each other..another 2 years have passed now in my final year of college and after 4 relationships I am having the same feelings again this time stronger than ever. Probably because none of the girls I met were as good as her nature wise..and now I so want to get back with her. I have again got back in touch with her but I don't know if i am doing right....she is still with the same guy but in a very passive way. They don't go out that much because she is in a very stressful job but I so feel that I should get back with her...

Tell what should i do I'm totally confused......

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Aug 09, 2008
Dear god...
by: Anonymous

This is really pathetic.

Jul 26, 2008
Keep it Honest
by: Grandma

Hello Smith,

You have had such a long friendship with this girl, I can see why you feel the attachment. My advice to you would be to keep your relationship honest. Talk to her and tell her your feelings, see how she is feeling.

It dosen't seem like she has made a commentment to this other guy and maybe she's been waiting all these years for you to finally realize what she means to you.

Don't worry about rejection, most guys do. You are at a stage that you need to know what direction you need to move now that you're in your final year of college.

The best relationships start out as long lasting friendships, someone you both can depend on through good times and tough times. There must be a reason neither of you are married yet, and I'm sure there is a reason you keep finding each other. It's time to figure it all out. Be open and honest.

Good luck,


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