Health of Getting Old

by palma
(St vincent w. i.)

I am a grandmother of two little girls also but my question is about me. It seems that I let myself go too long for my kid and now i have a number of problems deep vains, bad circulation, heart problem, cholestrol and pressure plus I am trying to loss some weight.

I also will be doing a operation at the end of this month and am in so much pain.

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Jun 14, 2011
Age & Health Issues
by: Grandma

Hello Palma,

We, as women, are all guilty of putting our own health issues on hold while we take care of our family. By the time our family need us less we finally realize we should have taken better care of ourselves.

I'm wondering what kind of operation you are scheduled to get at the end of the month. Pain alone can cause blood pressure to elevate. I know I went through that when I needed my knee operation last year. Once I got my knee operated on and the pain finally started to subside the blood pressure started to return to normal. Just the thought of facing an operation can keep us awake at night and cause health issues. Do the best you can to relax, enjoy your family, try to go for a walk everyday and watch you don't eat a lot of processed food. Allow your family to pamper you once in awhile, especially after your operation.


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