by Pam
(Roanoke, Va)

What does happines means to you? What kind of question to ask a person about happiness?

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Apr 23, 2011
by: Beccie

What a great answer Grandma. Here is my take on Happiness. Happiness is being content, wherever you are and with whatever you have amassed as possessions that you truly love. I think on the other hand, Hell on earth, is not being content with what you have. We are put here on this earth to seek truth and happiness. It is up to us to find that truth. Happiness comes with the truth. If say you were in a rotten relationship, find out the truth about that, resolve it and be content that you have made the best choices for you. If you second guess yourself, you are not content. So you have 2 different scenarios for you to find happiness. And like Grandma said, friends count so high on the scale of happiness that it necessary for any creation to live to have someone to love, friends can count as the someone to love. What a difference laughter can make in the world. If we just had a little more of it that we could share with everyone we come in contact with, we could maybe change the world. Sincerely, Beccie

Apr 22, 2011
Hmmm Happiness
by: Grandma

Hello Pam,

You really threw me a curve with that question, I don't think anybody ever asked me about happiness.

I believe we all have happiness within us, but finding what brings it out is different for everybody. I don't believe happiness can be found through money, fame or material things. I believe happiness comes from being honest with ourselves, treating others the way you wish they would treat you and trusting in your gut instincts. I don't believe anybody or anything can bring us happiness and that is why many relationships don't work out.

To me, happiness is health, family and good friends. And being able to have a good laugh. I tend to laugh a lot and sometimes I get myself into trouble for that.

As far as asking a question about happiness, ask when was the last time they laughed until their belly hurt or tears rolled down there cheeks. When I get together with friends and family someone always cracks us up to that point.

Happy Easter!


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