Hair Loss

by bharat

hello Grandma,
I am a 20 year guy studying Chemical engineering.

I have problems with my hair:

1.)their density is very low.
2.)few months before i was losing hair in really big number but now due to homeopathic medicines i have controlled it.

I want to ask you what habits should i adopt to get gud hair.

thanking you

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Jan 24, 2010
Hair Loss Worry
by: Grandma

Hello Bharat,

I'm so glad to know that you are receiving homeopathic care for your hair loss problems. I'm sure a health issue was found and it's good to know that it's being addressed.

I'm not sure what you mean by "gud hair", I'm assuming you mean thick or healthy head of hair. The only other advice I can offer is to make sure you are not using detergent shampoo. Most shampoos you buy today are nothing more than detergent. Your scalp will suffer from it, just like your hands do when washing dishes in detergent. I'd also be careful about the conditioner, most conditioners are nothing more than a thin coat of wax applied to your hair. Buy the best you can find in your area and most of all try to find something natural. Health food stores usually carry brands of natural shampoo and conditioners. I'm not sure in your country what you can find but it's worth the extra effort to shop around, you could even try searching on the internet.

Thank you for trusting in Grandma's Wisdom


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