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My grandmother has bad gout in her feet, hands, and now her shoulders. what can be used to help her? she is in extreme pain. she has done apple cidar vinagear, cherry juice, and medicine from the dr. they seem to help for awhile and then dont anymore.

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Jan 04, 2013
Dealing with Gout
by: Grandma


I can't imagine dealing with gout in so many areas of the body. I had it once in my big toe and that was enough for me. I still believe cherry juice is the best home remedy for gout. But, the one thing that so many people are guilty of is stopping the home remedy as soon as we start feeling a little better. I'm guilty of that too. But, I've discovered that there are times we will go through stages of relief. When you notice a remedy is starting to help with the discomfort it is better to increase the remedy, just a bit, then it is to decrease it. And once the pain starts to get under control that isn't the time to stop taking the home remedy. Keep taking it. For instance, the cherry juice. Stick to the cherry juice for at least 90 days. Drink some everyday, even when you are feeling better. Just make sure it is pure all natural cherry juice, or fresh ripe cherries. Never depend on the sweet juice the has a tiny amount of cherry juice in it and loaded with sugar.


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