Gophers & Garden Control

by Jessica
(Covina, CA, USA)

Dear Grandma,

I hope that you are doing well and I like your remedies. My question is this, do you have a suggestion in getting rid of gophers. I have a huge gopher problem and it is stressing me out and they are ruining my beautiful yard. I hope you have a suggestion/s for this problem. Take care and hope to hear from you in a timely matter.

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Dec 15, 2009
Gopher advice, thanks
by: Jessica

Thanks so much for the suggestions and I will try them ASAP and then I will inform you of the status. Take care Grandma and Happy Holidays.



Dec 14, 2009
Garden Pest Control
by: Grandma

Hi Jessica,

I'm so glad you are enjoying my home remedies and tips on pest control. I've been hoping to find the time to write about garden pest control, maybe after the holidays.

Gophers are tricky little hogs..:) I have to admit though I really enjoy watching them but they can be a pest when you are trying to have a beautiful garden.

Here is a recipe that will chase them away from any area you want to keep them from visiting.

You'll need:

1 teaspoon of oil of peppermint
1 teaspoon of chili powder
1/2 ounce of Tabasco Sauce
cotton balls.

Just place all the ingredient into a bowl and mix well. Place about 10 drops of mixture on a cotton ball and just drop it in different areas of your garden. If you know where their mound is you can drop a cotton ball down their hole or tunnel. If you notice new tunnels forming make sure you throw the cotton balls there too. You have to try to keep a step ahead of these little guys.

You could also try placing human hair around in your garden to chase mole and gophers, they hate the smell of human hair. Plus the hair turns into a good compost for your garden.

Grits will make them sick, it swells their belly's up. Lot's of people in the south use grits to chase all rodents in the gardens. Just throw dry grits down their hole or place a heap here and there near your garden.

Hope these tips help, good luck!


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