Goats Milk soap

by Leslee


I had to write and ask you about your Goats milk soaps :)

I am looking for a Unscented, soap with no essential oils in the soap just a nice non-irritating soap will do :)

I have very sensitive skin and recently tried a handmade soap only to be disappointed as it made my skin break out :(

What ingredients are in your Unscented soap?


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Jun 29, 2008
Goats Milk Soap
by: Grandma

Hello Leslee,

I understand what a hassle it is to find a mild soap for sensitive skin, I have the same problem. And I have tried other homemade soaps before finding the olive oil and goat milk soap, and you're right, they are very discouraging.

At this time I don't have any of the unscented soap in stock, in fact I have an extremely limited supply of the vanilla and lavender scented, that's why I haven't written my ad to sell the soap yet.

I'll be making a new page here soon and offering the olive oil and goat milk soap for sale and I'll try to get the unscented in stock too.

Thanks for visiting my website,


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