Goats Milk and Olive Oil Soap Alternative for Acne

by Ayesha

Hello Grandma,

You mention about this Goats Milk and Olive Oil Soap in all the acne treatments. I wish to order it .. But I guess I won't get it either! I live in India. Could you please give me an alternative to this Soap. I suffering from a very SERIOUS ACNE . Please help!

Thank You,

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Aug 25, 2011
by: Beccie

Grandma, I hope I have your blessing to add to your remedy with an Essential Oil remedy with proven remarkable results.
It is already written for a prior guest looking for relief from acne. It may be under the column over on the right in What's New. I, Beccie, wrote it up in a simple directions format.
It is a formula made up of Tea Tree, Geranium, Lavender and Vitamin E.
I really do hope this helps. Beccie

Aug 24, 2011
Acne & Herbal Face Wash
by: Grandma

Hello Ayesha,

I'm sorry I don't have the Goat Milk & Olive Oil Soap to offer you. But to be honest, I think shipping it to India would be awfully expensive and dealing with customs would be such a hassle because of the Goat Milk. I went through an ordeal with customs shipping the soap to Canada.

I wrote a page on home remedies for acne, you can find it if you go to the button on the left that reads "Home Remedies" then scroll to the middle of the page and look for "Acne Home Remedy".

I do have an herbal face wash for acne that I have found to be really good. My best friend's daughter was suffering from acne and I ordered it for her and she had wonderful results using it. It's called "Acne Treatment Gel". You can order it from my other website at:


Just type "acne" in the search box when you get to that website and you'll see it.


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