Ganglian Cyst on Wrist

by Minister Morrow

Ganglian cyst on wrist. After several doctor visits with drainage and steroid shots and the cyst enlarged again, I found out that a capsule of Evening Primrose Oil daily makes the cyst disappear and also relieved my carpal tunnel symptoms. My wrist feels so much better now and I cancelled my carpal tunnel surgery that the doctor was trying to talk me into doing.

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Feb 25, 2010
Home Remedy for Ganglian Cyst
by: Grandma

Hello Minister Morrow,

Thank you so much for such a fantastic home remedy for a Ganglian Cyst on the wrist.

I know from my own experience how painful this kind of cyst can be. When I went to seek medical advice (many years ago) the Dr. insisted he had to slam a book down on it to burst it. Of course, I told him he was some kind of nut-case and I wouldn't allow him to touch it again. At that time I was working for a Chiropractor as his assistant and the other Dr. insisted I not allow the Chiropractor to touch it or it will cripple my hand (which was a bunch of bull). Once I told the Chiropractor what he said he started working on my wrist and within a few treatments the cyst just vanished. I was amazed at how easily he was able to get the fluids flowing through my wrist again.

I've never heard of using Prime Rose oil for this and I'm sure if I get another cyst I'll will, without a doubt, give your home remedy a try.

Welcome to Grandma's Wisdom, I hope you'll stop by often,


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