Gall Stones

by Dee
(Forster NSW)

Hello Grandma I have heard about your site Its fantastic to know someone CARES as the Doctors today DONT care as they should Unfortunately
I have been in server pain for over 4 weeks so I went to the Doctor,I did a Urine sample It was found that I do have a Urine infection & I have been asked to have a Scan done as the Dr believes I have Gall Stones.This is so so painful I have never experienced pain like this.I do have all the symptoms too:((
What would be the Quickest and most natural way to dissolve/Pass them please as I don't believe that the doctor really cares.Plus I am VERY WORRIED about my fiancee whom had BOWEL CANCER in 1999 *He is in Remission* as 11 Months ago he had the same problem,he went to the same Doctor and she tried to give him VALIUM which he did not take to the chemist at all,we dont want DRUGS we would like to be healed.....Could you please give me advice on a NATURAL WAY on releasing/passing these Gall Stones please Grandma,as I am suffering very bad and have been put on PAIN KILLERS which I DONT like to take at all but the pain becomes Too much
Thank You Grandma

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Sep 27, 2012
Urinary Tract Infection & Gall Stones
by: Grandma

Hello Deanna,

That was really nice of your friend to refer you to my website, please tell her I said thank you.

I'm sorry to read that you are dealing with so much pain. A urinary tract infection can be really painful and just make you feel awful all over. I did write an entire page about urinary tract infection and a good home remedy. I have so much faith in the cranberry juice cocktail. I've used it myself and recommended it to my family and best friends. It's best to drink the cranberry juice straight, but it's also really good mixed 50/50 with apple juice. Some people can't handle just cranberry juice.

As far as the gall stones, I also wrote a whole page about a home remedy to pass gall stones. I have to warn you, it's pretty yucky to get down but I have gotten emails from people thanking me for helping them avoid an operation. For both of these remedies just look for the button on the left "Home Remedies" then scroll down until you find what you are looking for.

I really think the first thing to try is the cranberry juice and see how you feel. It's important to know if you are dealing with gall stones or kidney stones. I also have an herbal remedy for kidney stones. But you'd have to order the herbs.


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