Gall Bladder Cleanse from Austria Clarification Questions

1)Is this Gall Bladder flush also the most beneficial flush for the liver too? The liver is my main concern. I have been on a medication for 5 years, and the rest of my life, that is hard on the liver and can cause damage.

2)Your recipe says that day one and two, you eat nothing and do the apple juice until 6pm. Then there are night time instructions. Are those for day two, as written, or for both days?

3)You wrote that we would expel a lot of bad stuff (which is good). Does this happen uncontrollably as to cause a constant problem in a traveling environment and how long does this expulsion period last?

4)You say to repeat in 14 days for best results. Is there a maximum amount of times you should do this per year or whatever?

5)In the daily maintenance routine it says you can use lemon or orange juice. Orange would be easier to swallow but is lemon more effective?

I know this is a lot of questions but I have read the notes from people who did not exercise your advice correctly and I think that's a shame.

Thank you very much for your advice and obvious concern for us all.


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Apr 18, 2011
Liver Cleanse & Medication
by: Grandma

Hello Kurt,

The first thing I need to stress here is, I wouldn't try any liver cleanse until you talk to your Dr. first. I know nothing about medications for the liver and I wouldn't want to see you have any ill effects from the cleanse.

The gall bladder cleanse is also a good liver cleanse. I think lemon has the most effect over the orange juice. Never try this cleanse while traveling. Make sure you plan to do this when you're going to be home for several days.

You would repeat the second day what you did the first day. Yes, you will expel a lot of toxins, fat and possibly gall stones. Some do need to repeat the whole process after 14 days. But I wouldn't do it again for a few months if you feel you need to.

I would also like to suggest you read a page I wrote about the human liver, it's on another website I started. You'll see there are different ways to cleanse the liver. Herbs are really an excellent source to cleanse the liver and keep it clean. You will need to talk to your Dr. to decide which would be best for you. Here is the website I'm talking about:

If you decide the herbal cleanse would be of more benefit for your condition I'd recommend you go to another website I own. This is the only kind of herbal supplements I recommend. I've used them for 15 years for myself and my family. Just type in the search box "liver cleanse" it will take you to the herbal formulas you need.


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