Frozen Grapes Calm The Sore Throat

by Mrs. Hutch 45

God Bless and Get Well Soon

God Bless and Get Well Soon

Rinse a cup to cup and a half of your choice of grapes(red,green,etc.) Place in freezer storage container and put in freezer for a few hours or until completely frozen.Take out and give to person with sore throat to let unthaw in your mouth.It soothes a sore throat and helps with thirst too. Please remember to watch small children if they are the patient.

Good Luck and Get Well Soon!!

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Jan 20, 2015
by: Dane

That was completely a new knowledge to me. I do often struggle with sore throat and didn’t even know of any proper medication that would ease the situation. This looks so effective and since the particulars used are natural, there is not much concerns about health issues.

Nov 11, 2009
Sore Throat Home Remedy
by: Grandma

Hello Mrs. Hutch,

Thank you so much for your sore throat home remedy. Grapes are a great idea, like you said, they will not only cool the throat but supply some much needed natural juice. Yes, we'd have to be careful of small children but an older child would just love this.

I'm so sorry it took awhile for me to respond to your home remedy, somehow I lost track of it and just now stumbled on it.

Please stop by often and if you can think of more home remedies we really appreciate them,


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