For the love of your puppy remedy to save them from Parvo

by connie davis
(colorado springs co.)

Parvo is a lot like the human flu, parvo can be fatal if not noticed and taken immediate action.

Love your sick puppy and don't give up. let them know you love them and don't just leave them alone. A parvo pup will run a fever and stop eating and playing. They will become dehydrated quickly and the lining of their stomach and intestines will become inflamed and they will start hemmoraging. Keep them in a quiet comfortable spot, have radio on something soft and a small fan to circulate the air but not on them.

Be prepared to be dilligent it will take your love effort and make this tea which I use on strays my own pups and my friends, anytime I even think they may be exposed. Don't give up it can take 3-5 days of comforting cleaning all messes and keep your hands shoes linens rags and all washed and bleached even if you are throwing the things away, parvo is highly contagious and can be carried on someones shoes or where you may walk your pup. You don't want to spread it in the trash. Keep a bowl with ice water and a rag to keep them cool and cleaned up. Have a oral syringe and cup to give the tea even if they are too weak to swallow, you do it slowly keep it up no matter what they will get better even when you are scared they won't. a pup will give up quick when sick if you don't show them you love them and it will be ok,,,,

2 tablespoons of these herbs
peppermint or spearmint fresh or dried.. or 6 hard candies.
red raspberry leaves.....white willow bark
hybiscuss flowers........yarrow flowers
rose hips.......plantain leaves fresh from your yard
3 echinacea and goldenseal capsules opened up
wild cherry bark.........chamomile flowers
1 tea. ground ginger........MAKE A STRONG TEA> BOIL WATER AND ADD ANY OF THESE OR ALL HERBS steep 15 min........ add. gatoraid to this and strain. add 2 trays of ice in a pitcher pour over ice......

{{even if you don't have all of them start with peppermint tea and some honey gatoraid and ice}}.
you must give this ice cold tea every 15 min all day even if they vomit back up clean them pet them and do it only every 15 min slowly to back of throat. At night do it every 30 min. all night.

I know it sounds like a lot of time to nurse them but you have to.. they depend on you. just like a sick child with the flu they get body aches a fever and become weak quick. Keep this up even if they can't stand or hold their head up.. Don't leave them for over 30 min. before they see you again cancel all appointments for 4 days, your pup has to have this attention. It gets better after about 3rd day do not give any solid food even after they get up and want something to drink only provide small dish of this ice tea, this breaks the fever.

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Mar 08, 2014
Parvo Home Herbal Remedy
by: Grandma

Hi Connie,

I'm so sorry I couldn't respond to your submission on saving a puppy's life from Parvo. I was dealing with a computer virus and it caused me an awful lot of problems.

I loved reading your home herbal remedy, I have to admit, I have had a lot of pets through the years but I never dealt with a puppy with Parvo. I never realized how dedicated and determined you have to be to save the puppy's life. But when you fall in love with your pet, like you said, you will go to great lengths to save it.

Thank you so much for taking so much of your time to share you wisdom on this subject with us. I'm sure you either already have or will help someone deal with this awful disease and save their puppy's life.


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