First Time Tea Maker "HELP"

A friend of a friend gave me a mushroom to make my first batch of tea. Her mushroom was to big for my container, I made the tea, put the mushroom in and it floated to the bottom with a small portion sticking out the top. After a few days (I did it) I took it out and trimmed some of it off. It sunk back to the bottom however there is a thin film on top. I think it is a new mushroom. It has been 15 days now. What should I do now?

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Feb 05, 2011
Kombucha Tea?
by: Grandma

It sounds to me like you are making a batch of Kombucha tea. Instead of a mushroom I believe you have a Kombucha culture, sometimes they grow very large depending on how long you let it forment. They do tend to float to the bottom and most likely what is floating on top is a baby. The baby can be stored in a plastic container in the refrigerator or passed on to someone or make a new batch of tea.

You can read all about Kombucha Tea, recipes and its benefits if you go to the button on the left reading "Medicinal Teas" then scroll down the list to find the link that says "Kombucha Tea Recipes".


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