Fibromalgia and Allergys, Toxins pathogens

by gary
(American in Thailand)

I had same severe symptoms allergy plus Fibromyalgia
Now have none... its about lifestyle and build up of toxins, and pathogens..
Do have a ck up for parasites... a big culprit.
Do a diary every day your progress and what works and don't, etc..this will go along way in discovery.
Here are the steps I have taken.
1.multti vitamin, brewers yeast for B-complex, Calcium + d, Cod liver oil.
Magnesium very very important 300functions in the body.

2.#1 Probiotics... very up on it.
Fiber is not what its all about..its flora..your all started from here.

3.One teaspoon of peanut butter a day for white blood cells and protein. Three fruits a day for c speeds up healing..and white blood cells also fresh vegetables. Extremely important one glass of room temperature water before retiring and one upon awakening...Japanese do this religiously and for good reason.

4.Detox/ sauna excellent..
I use salt water flush using Himalayan salt, EXCELLENT. Parsley flush Boil for 10 minutes then cool the juice in fridge..drink..instant results, cleans the liver and kidneys and more...u will feel the difference..also look up bentonite clay used for century... used in all your spas in Thailand..also oil pulling. Look up all on net..

5.15 minutes of exercise a day..all you need. Brisk walk will do.
15 minutes sun a day or supplement..for vita D. Extremely important.

6.Extremely important/ look up and learn about alkaline foods..cancer and most illnesses can not survive in a alkaline body..Easy to follow..just eat more alkaline foods. Bottom line you eat crap... you become crap..

7.Prevent the triggers to the pathogens/toxins that activates them. Avoid stress at all cost, and learn about getting a good nights stimulates 4 hours before changes need to take place for success.

Note/been there and its a horrible the end of your world..and if you only had one more chance... for normal life. Well here is your chance..
God Speed Gary

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Mar 07, 2014
Really Great Home Remedy!
by: Grandma

Hi Gary,

This was a really informative testimony for the relief of so many painful and life-altering disorders. With research at our fingertips in our fast paced world today we can all find so many of our remedies right in our home without the worry of all the terrible side effects of medicine and hospitals. I have always felt that a good home remedy is well worth the effort to at least try before turning to the medical world.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom Gary,


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