FIBROIDS & Vinegar Tonic

by SamANTHa

I NEED TO KNOW IF apple cider vinegar,garlic AND HONEY DO SHRINK FIBROID S and should i be bleeding on the second dAY IN DRINKING IT.

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Aug 11, 2011
Vinegar Tonic
by: Grandma

Hello Samantha,

I'm not going to pretend to know about fibroids, I really don't know much at all. Although, I can't see why trying the Vinegar & Honey Tonic could hurt anything. I have no idea where you got the recipe to include garlic. The tonic recipe I have on my website only has vinegar, honey and spring water. But garlic really is good for you. You can find the recipe for the tonic on the left marked; "Vinegar Tonic".

I have no idea why you would bleed on the second day. This I think you should talk to your doctor about.


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