Extra Dry Skin of My Baby

by arpita gupta

My 2 yrs old daughter is having extra extra dry skin, I see whiteness of dryness after using lots of moisturizer and oil also. I take too much care of her skin, but I failed to do so, please suggest me some of the home made remedies. I am very much worried about her skin. I never used soap on her skin, I use only use milk, cucumber juice , curd and rosewater on her skin while taking bath, all because of dryness complexion of her legs as compared to face is very dark, what should I do. Please help me.

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May 26, 2011
Dry skin Tips
by: Christina Moore


Dry skin can be so painful. I read a great article earlier today on dry skin that you may have some great tips. My favorite is some pointers on the best clothing fabrics to wear if you have dry skin.

Here is the link to the article.


Hope this helps your baby feel better!

May 24, 2011
It may be too much oiliness...
by: Najmah

Hi, Arpita,

Grandma is right. You may be over-reacting to your baby's skin and adding to her problem vs. helping it. (And, I agree that she is a very beautiful little girl :-))

A lot of mothers mistake oily skin for dryness. In such case, adding extra oils can clog pores, causing 'dryness'.

As Grandma suggests, find a mild soap to bathe her with. The use of olive oil is excellent as well as I use shea butter for skin of all ages. So far, I've not gotten any negative comments from my friends and family members who use it.

My skin is very sensitive and I can use it with no problems. Hope this also helps.

May 23, 2011
Baby & Soap
by: Grandma

Hello Arpita,

What a beautiful little girl you have! Thank you so much for sharing a photo of her.

I don't want to hurt your feelings but I think you might be a bit over protective of her as far a her skin is concerned. I have no idea what kind of products you can buy in your country for babies. But I think you need to start bathing her with a very mild baby soap. Never use anything with anti-bacterial ingredients or deoderant, and I'd also look for a soap that have no perfume or dyes. But a mild soap and warm water is really important to rid you baby's skin of bacteria. Baby's will especially gather bacteria on their skin through the day, from their bowl and urine deposits, spitting up and drooling. Not to mention all the things they come in contact with throughout the day. After a nice warm bath with a mild baby soap I'd massage some warm pure virgin olive oil on her skin. I honestly think this will help with the white crust forming on her skin and will help restore her skins PH balance to normal.

A milk bath is nice once in awhile but milk also carries a lot of bacteria. I'd lay off the milk bath until she's older.


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