Essential Oil Blend for Athletes' Foot

by Beccie
(North Carolina)

Hi, Beccie here,

I want to share with you an Essential Oil blend that helps treat athletes foot. Athletes' Foot is caused by a fungus which loves wet or even damp, warm feet.

You will need to get yourself some carrier oil for this blend.

*Carrier oil is the oil you use to make the blend and to help spread the EO blend. It can be jojoba oil, almond oil,coconut oil or even olive oil. I would like to tell you that the coconut oil itself has fungal fighting properties in it*

Get yourself a measuring cup that you can put aside for all of your eo blends. You will be measuring out an ounce of carrier oil to the following:
10 drops of Tea Tree
10 drops of Lavender
Make this blend up and stir well to mix all ingredients. This amount may last you through your entire 2-3 week treatment. Store leftover blend covered and in dark cool place. Sun will effect the carrier oil.

Take your daily bath or shower and when you get out be sure to dry your feet completely and then dry them some more. Then you can massage your feet with the eo blend. Take your time and massage it in well. After all they are the only feet you will get and they hold you up all day. Take care of them well.

Give your feet a break and let them out of those socks they have been in all day and let them breathe.
***Be careful after you have applied the oil as your feet will be slippery.***

Then along with that, to make sure you kill the fungus that is causing your athletes feet: Wash your socks in hot water and be sure to dry them well.

### A little side-note from researching athletes feet fungus; after you have washed and dried your socks put them in the microwave to kill all fungus in them.### I tried this with a pair of my own clean socks. I put them in the microwave for 1& 1/2 minutes and they were very hot. ***You will want to "Check out your own microwave, because not all microwaves are the same, nor are all socks. *Also, stay with the socks you have in the microwave and be sure to watch for anything unusual happening. You don't want them to steam as this will bring out the moisture again, which is what we are trying to get away from in this whole athletes foot treatment.***

Sprinkle some baking soda in your clean socks before you put them on your feet to help absorb the sweat of the day.

Now, there is a more extreme way of using the tea tree directly on your feet to get rid of the fungus,IF and only IF the treatment does not work. However, you have to do a skin test before doing this. Put a couple of drops of the tea tree on your forearm and look for any redness or reaction to your skin. If you get a reaction with the tea tree please do not use it without the carrier oil. If you don't see any reaction, go ahead and just put pure undiluted drops of tea tree on the affected areas of your feet. Make sure to get your toenails too, as the fungus hides there and is hard to get to the fungus to kill it.

Let us know how it works and share your experience with others on the site. Thank you.

Shared with love from Beccie

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