Dryer Sheets

by Crystal

Hi Grandma,

I absolutely love your website and have recommended to friends and family. One question i have is about dryer sheets. I find that when i use dryer sheets it irritates my skin. Do you recommend anything else?

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Nov 01, 2011
Dryer Sheets & Skin Irritation
by: Grandma

Hi Crystal,

Thank you so much for recommending my website to your family and friends, I'm really glad you like it that much.

You know, I was having the same problems with dryer sheets. In fact, I was getting so itchy and the smell was really bothering me. I even tried the unscented and it still irritated me. I finally just stopped using them all together. At first I thought my clothes would be more wrinkled and just not smell good but I was wrong. I really like just smelling the clean smell from the soap powder I use (Tide).

Maybe visitors to my website will have some suggestions but for now I'm just not using them.


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