Discovering New Things

by lynn
(dundee nb canada)

Hi ,I'm a mother of 4 and got myself a plot of land, new garden planted a few fruit trees and trying to eat better. I'm 40 years old and we are all in good health, I would like to supplement my diet by drinking teas. (to stay in good health) and I like tea. I tried rasberry leaf tea, love it with honey, I aded a little piece of beet leaf for fun, great. But I also have carrot leaves, and other stuff growing in the garden. Can I throw them all together without poisoning myself?(lol) What if I made a cup with 3-4 leafs of rasberry, a little leaf of beet and a bit of carrot leaf, sounds healthy to me. but is it? I found this site a few days ago and really like it, lots of info, but i still have so many questions. I plan on one day know as much as you. Oh my hadn't planned on this letter being so long, sorry! (lol)

Just love your site keep it going.


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Aug 13, 2011
Discovering & Learning
by: Grandma

Hello Lynn,

Welcome to Grandma's Wisdom. Like you, I'm always discovering and learning new and exciting things. I have to admit, I never heard of putting beet greens in my tea. But I just love cutting my beet greens and adding them to a pot of Great Northern Beans. We call the simple dish, beans & greens.

To be honest Lynn, I've never added any root vegetable greens to teas. I really don't know much about what is good and what isn't. I have a small herbal garden and grow most of my favorite herbs for cooking and teas. I just started growing stevia this year and have been adding it to my herbal teas to naturally sweeten it and it's so much fun to grow and discover things that are naturally healthy.

I wish you much luck with your garden and your new discoveries. Be careful not to get too experimental.

I hope you'll stop back often,


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