Diaper rash/heavy yellow urine

My grandmother cured my babies diaper rash in the late 1970's, (nothing worked from the prescriptions to old wives tales). But she told me to use corn starch and something called sweet niter. I can't find this anywhere. She used the sweet niter in a baby bottle with water. And in 3 days or so it was completely gone! It was about 1 month that the baby was suffering before I asked her. She used it on her kids in the 30's. Do you know what I am talking about?

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Oct 27, 2008
Sweet Nitre or Spirit of Nitre
by: Grandma

Hello Linda,

Yes, I've heard of sweet nitre, it's an old-fashioned medicine that has been banned by the FDA, they considered it useless or dangerous. So unless you know someone that makes it, you're not going to be able to locate it at any drugstore. I understand there are some Amish that still use it as a home remedy for many ailments, but they make it themselves.

If you're baby is having a problem with thick yellow urine it sounds to me like he/she is having a problem with formula. It could be a food allergy (if the formula has dairy).

I went through that with my son, but besides the strong urine he also had severe diarrhea. In those days the formula didn't give you a choice they only had dairy. I put him on a diet of 7up and bananas. I'd whip the bananas until they became liquid and put a tiny bit into his mouth at a time. I'd let the 7up go flat and keep it room temperature and put it in his bottle. That was the only thing that helped him. As soon as I'd put him back on the formula he'd get sick all over again.

He also had a terrible diaper rash, sometimes it would look like open sores. I used Vasiline on his little butt and it always helped. Once he'd clear up I'd use the corn starch. The petroleum jelly keeps the strong urine away from the skin. Make sure you never use wipes with perfume, that will only burn your baby's skin and cause more problems. Just use a wash cloth with warm water to clean when changing.

You could also try giving your baby a small amount of water between feedings. Make sure you boil the water first then let it cool to room temperature. It could be he/she is having a dehydration problem.

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