Dairy Allergy

Hi, Grandma!
I stumbled upon your website while looking for natural cold remedies. I've already bookmarked it, and have enjoyed reading it.

I have 4 kids, and have "mommy-diagnosed" at least 3 of them with a milk allergy. I stopped asking doctors about it after a negative skin test and a comment from the allergist that my 2 (at the time) year old's symptoms were not consistent with dairy allergy. I've learned a lot since then!

I now suspect my oldest child was/is also allergic. She always has a stuffy nose, and she is sometimes anxious and worried for apparently no reason. My husband (dear man) thinks I'm a little nutty. He thinks whatever a doctor says/does is right. He is allergic to dairy, also, (diagnosed by me!!!), but loves to treat everyone to pizza, donuts, fast-food...... Any tips on how to be sure? And is there any kind of remedy? What's your take on raw milk? Vaccines containing cow-serum?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Thanks for the website!

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Feb 14, 2010
Dairy and Arthritis
by: Linda

I have had arthritis for many years. I was in a wheelchair for a short time due to a serious flare a few years ago. I was on a number of strong pain medications daily as well. Last March 2009 I gave up dairy. I have not needed prescription pain relievers since that time. When I do have pain I drink a combination of 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon honey, and 8 ounces of water. Within 20 minutes my pain is gone. I have 1 daughter and 3 grandchildren with dairy allergy, too. Hope this is of some help.

Feb 11, 2010
Dairy Allergy & Dr.'s Diagnosis
by: Grandma

Hello Megan,

Welcome to my website and our small community. You've touched on a favorite subject of mine. I've done so much research on the topic of Dairy Allergy simply because nobody had the answers for me and, like you, everybody thought I was whacky when I diagnosed my family with symptoms of dairy allergy.

I started my research over 20 years ago, at that time I had no computer research to back me up. I fought the Dr.'s, schools and my husband's Italian family over this topic.

The most common signs of dairy allergy is diarrhea, constipation, stomach cramps and/or bloating. But like I explain on the page I wrote about dairy allergy the hidden symptoms can be nightmares, edgy or bad nerves, skin itch, runny nose, swollen eyes, wetting the bed and hyperactivity. Actually the list is endless.

The best way to check to see if you or your family are dealing with diary allergy is to completely omit it from the diet for about a week. Then give the patient a big glass of milk or ice cream. See what symptoms you notice reappear suddenly. Believe me, you'll notice the symptoms, especially after fasting from the dairy.

I wouldn't substitute for raw milk. I've started using soy milk and rice milk and it's been working great for our diet. I would also stay away from any vaccines that contain dairy products, they are mostly used as a preservative. I'm a non-believer in any kind of vaccine but that's another topic all together.

I admire your spunk Megan, it isn't easy to convince people that you've discovered something that the Dr.'s don't believe in. Stick to your guns and go to www.nomilk.com and read more on the topic.

Thank you for trusting in Grandma's Wisdom,


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