Cure for Ear Aches

by Stephanie

Our old family doctor actually told my mom about this cure when we were little and constantly in his office for ear aches.....Vodka.

I swear by this, as I am 43 and have been using it since I was about 7. I have used it on all of my children.

You place several drops of vodka in the ear, and place a wet cotton ball in the ear. Wet cotton ball so that it doesn't soak up the vodka. Keep your head tilted or lay down, and let the vodka soak down into the ear canal. You can gently rub just in front of the ear. It will feel very cold going in, and then warm up.

It works because of the high alcohol kills any bacteria in the ear, causing the infection, and thus the "ache".

It also works for swimmer's ear, as water can cause bacteria to build up in the ear.

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Aug 17, 2009
Earache and Vodka
by: Grandma

Hello Stephanie,

I've never heard of using Vodka for an earache, I love that you also included the reasons why it works. It's a really good tip and thank you so much for sharing your home remedy with us.


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