Cure for Dandruff, Acne,and for Gaining Weight

by Vidhya

Hi Grandma.. im suffering from dandruff.,im having dry flakes of dandruff on my oily scalp.,because of this im having acne on my face, chest,shoulders.,suggest some of your remedies to me to get rid of them..

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Sep 04, 2011
Essential Oils and Goat Milk Soap
by: Beccie

I can see that Grandma has set you up with some herbal remedies for your Dandruff, Acne, and for gaining weight. She always has the right information for people to try to help them with their ailments.
I would like to help you with some Essential Oil blends for your acne and some handmade goat's milk soap for your dandruff and skin care.
If you would like more information, please contact me at and I can try to help you as well.
Thank you,

Sep 02, 2011
Home Remedy for Oily Dandruff & Acne
by: Grandma

Hi Vidhya,

There are a few types of dandruff, oily dandruff can be taken care of with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. I wrote an entire page about oily dandruff, just go to the button on the left "Home Remedies" and scroll down to the middle of the page and look for "Home Remedy for Chronic Dandruff".

I also wrote a page about acne. You can find that page under "Home Remedies" also.

As far as the weight gain, hormone imbalance can cause weight gain. But I suspect you are hiding and not as active as you should be because of your dandruff and acne problems. Of course diet has a lot to do with all your problems. Eating fruits and vegetables everyday is extremely important and drinking lots of water to keep your system flushed from toxins. Find a way to get active everyday, but it's important to find something that you have fun doing and passes the time, like dancing, walking, skip rope, finding something you enjoy doing makes a big difference if you'll do it or not.


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