Cure for Cold, Cough and Loosemotion for Baby


My 8 month old baby girl weighs 5.5 kg, her birthweight wAS 2.41KG and she is not gaining weight rapidly. Today she is suffering from runny nose, cough and loosemotions so please help me with a home remedy. MY EMAIL ID IS Please revert me asap.

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Sep 21, 2011
Cold, Cough & Diarrhea
by: Grandma

Hello Neha,

I'm sorry it took awhile to get back to you, I've had some personal problems that kept me away from my computer.

There really is no cure for colds and flu. All we can do is try to relieve the symptoms until the body's natural immune system kicks in and allows the cold to run its course.

If your baby is on formula and it contains dairy, the first thing I'd recommend is to take the formula away for a few days. You can replace the formula with clear liquids with herbal teas like fennel or chamomile. These are very safe for children your daughters age. You can find the recipes for these teas if you look under "Medicinal Teas".

You should also have a vaborizer running in her bedroom and actually anywhere she is. Just add sea salt to the water, nothing else.

7 UP is also really good for her right now and smashed bananas. If she is still suffering from diarrhea boil some brown rice in extra water, drain the rice and give her the extra rice water. This should help relieve the diarrhea without using something harsh.

Keep an eye on her so she don't dehydrate, and keep an eye on her temperature. If the temperature get high take her to see her doctor, it could be an ear infection. Most likely at that age she's starting to teeth and will show symptoms, nothing to worry about, she'll just be fussy for a few days.


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