Cobwebs & Spider Natural Remedies

by Judy
(Cape Coral, FL)

cobwebs have taken over in my pool screen cage....have tried wiping down BUT many are too high to reach. have tried spraying with hose..with mixture of vinegar & coconut oil...nothing works..they keep coming back.
Any suggestions?

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May 07, 2014
Natural Remedies for Spiders & Cobwebs
by: Grandma

Hi Judy,

I realize you are just asking about a good remedy to get rid of cobwebs but where there are cobwebs, especially ones that keep reappearing there are spiders living in the area. You'll never get rid of the cobwebs until you get rid of the spiders. Since you've already tried the vinegar and coconut oil spray I'd suggest you first try to figure out where the spiders are hiding. You might want to try mixing a tablespoon of table salt with a gallon of warm water, this will not only chase the spiders it will kill them. After I'd mix a few drops of essential oils like peppermint or tea tree oil and spray the area on a regular basis for awhile. Be careful, spiders can be really dangerous to fool around with and a lot more clever than most people realize!


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