Chronic Diarrhea
Can Be Life Threatening!

view of a coconut tree home remedy for chronic diarrhea a sign reading A picture of yummy coconut macaroons home remedy for chronic diarrhea

Grandma has the perfect natural home remedy for chronic diarrhea that works! Stop guessing and wasting valuable time, try this delicious home remedy.

Nobody is immune to diarrhea. Most of the time it's the natural process your body goes through to flush out toxins. Yet, there are times when the flushing just won't stop. Before you know it you're suffering from dehydration. This can be especially dangerous for young children and the elderly. Anybody suffering from a weak immune system has to keep hydrated at all times.

If you are dealing with your average bout of diarrhea and it's nothing more than an annoyance go to Home Remedy for Diarrhea, this will get your system in balance and tell you how to keep bouts of diarrhea in check.

Coconut macaroons are great for kids and adults alike suffering from chronic diarrhea. They taste great and are easy to buy in any grocery store. You only need to eat a one or two a couple of times a day to get your body back in balance.

For the very young children's diarrhea symptoms and anybody that is severely ill there is no way to get them to swallow a coconut macaroon. There is still an easy solution, coconut milk. You can buy coconut milk in any grocery store, it usually comes in cans and sometimes it's sweetened.

Children Dying from Sever Diarrhea
A Simple Inexpensive Remedy

It's so sad to realize that children all over the world are dying from severe diarrhea when there is a simple and inexpensive cure.

Life threatening dehydration is one of the first symptoms of severe diarrhea. Once a child reaches the stage of sever dehydration death can occure within a matter of 8 hours!

Why is this happening when the simple remedy of adding 1 teaspoon of salt and 8 teaspoons of sugar to a liter or a quart of water will save that child's life? It's so inexpensive, easy to make, and the ingreadients are very easy to find for most people in the world. By drinking this mixture through the day a few ounces at a time can restore the electrolytes and life supporting body fluids.

This recipe isn't only for children it's wonderful for the elderly and anybody suffering from sever diarrhea and dehydration. It's much easier on the stomach than plain water and will go through the stomach lining much faster so you will notice your body hydrating fast.

Plus cranky children love the taste, so it's so easy to get them to drink it. If needed, feed this mixture to them a teaspoon at a time. Just get the fluids into them!

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An Interesting Story
Chronic Diarrhea and Coconut Milk

There was an interesting article in our local newspaper recently that grabbed my attention.

A hospice nurse was caring for an elderly woman that was dying from chronic diarrhea. This poor woman had been on medication for months and nothing would stop the diarrhea. She had reached a stage where the Dr. only gave her a few weeks to live. Her nurse read about macaroons and how good they are for stopping chronic diarrhea. Of course this poor woman couldn't chew up and swallow a macaroon. So the hospice nurse bought a few cans of coconut milk and began giving her a few sips at a time. Within a few days the chronic diarrhea had stopped and within two weeks the woman left the hospital and is now living a healthy life.

Isn't it amazing with all the technology today and all the medicine and cures the medical world is coming up with nobody could get his woman's chronic diarrhea under control? Yet, a few sips of coconut milk can cure what modern medicine couldn't.

A Sensible Diet for Chronic Diarrhea

When you are dealing with chronic diarrhea it seems no matter what you eat or drink it just wants to run right through you. Of course you have to keep hydrated and of course it's important to get some food into your system.

photo of a pot of tea is excellent source to keep hydrated during chronic diarrhea Believe it or not water really isn't the answer at this stage. Water can be tough on your stomach. It's much better to sip on a cup of tea. Peppermint tea and Ginger tea is extremely easy on the stomach and will aid in digestion. If this seems a bit too strong for you at this stage then try any tea that will make you feel comfortable and sweeten it if you want. Honey is a very healthy sweetener for tea but again, if you can't tolerate it then use sugar.

Stay away from all dairy products!

Stay away from all fruit and vegetable juice!

7 Up is an excellent way to keep hydrated. Even babies can tolerate 7 Up but remember to keep it at room temperature and let it go flat, take the fizz out!

A photo of bananas to illustrate they are good food when dealing with chronic diarrhea Bananas are also excellent source of potassium and vitamins during chronic diarrhea. They are easy to digest and easy to talk someone into eating during this period. When feeding a baby, mix a bit of coconut milk with banana to keep it thinned out.

Grandma's home remedy for chronic diarrhea is well worth a try. You certainly don't have to worry about an overdose or getting addicted to anything. Best of all, you don't have to worry about your discomfort going in the opposite direction and binding you up.

Try this diet for a few days and gradually introduce the foods you naturally eat back into your diet. Be careful not to go back to dairy right away. If you notice the diarrhea coming back you might want to try using the Food Allergy Diet, you just may be suffering from a food allergy!


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