Chronic Diarrhea Remedy

by barb manning
(rockport, tx)

hi gramma.. i was just trying to find something for my chronic diarrhea and then i saw your web and seen the coconut macaroons cookies. it has been about 5 wks but it is not as bad . how many macaroons should i have and what to drink i miss my coffee in the morning. what about vegetables ,fruit besides bananas and should i eat red meat. i have broth with rice. anymore suggestions please. if these cookies work then you r a miracle worker. thank u barb

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Dec 01, 2012
Chronic Diarrhea & Macaroons
by: Grandma

Hello Barb,

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read I just may be a miracle worker...believe me I am far from a miracle worker, but it's a nice thought...ha!

So sorry you've been dealing so long with chronic diarrhea, that can really take a tole on the body.

As far as the amount of macaroons you should eat, eat what you want. And don't worry about the coffee, coffee is a good thing. It's not good to restrict yourself too much during these times. Of course everything should be in moderation. The main thing to stay away from is dairy products, especially milk. So if you take milk in your coffee instead get some soy milk. I use Eden Soy Original, and love it in my coffee and cooking. For my cereal I use Rice Dream Original. I haven't bought milk in probably 20 years.

Fruits and vegetables are good for you right now, you've probably lost a lot of your vitamins and minerals over the last several weeks. Again, all in moderation. I was really glad to read you are eating rice. I use brown rice and not instant. So keep eating the rice. You might also want to try buying a can of coconut milk/juice and sipping on it through the day. Coke Cola is also good to sip on. And don't forget to drink plenty of spring water to keep yourself flushed and keep from getting dehydrated.

Hoping this all helps you,


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