Chronic Athletes Feet, Weight Loss and Colon Cleanse

by Heavyless
(Southern Pennsylvania)

Greetings. I too reside in Southern PA. for now about a few yrs. My daughter affiliates with the Mennonite Community. I need help with Chronic ahtletes feet condition, weight loss and possible colon cleanse because my daughter and myself have gained an aweful amount of weight between the two of us since I have been here. We may need an intestinal parasitic cleanse, yet we have recently changed our food habits. We have both been seen medically and have been told to change our diets. We are gearing towards releasing sugars and processed foods from our diets. I have diagnosed with a list of ailments such as diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, obesity, severe athletes feet and a host of other ailments such as shortness of breath. My daughter has picked up a tremendous amount of weight and we work out frm 2-3 times per week. Your suggestions naturally and as sent from within is all that we can look at now. I implore your wisdom. Thanking you in advance for your attention to these matters are much appreciated.

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Mar 07, 2011
Diet & Infections
by: Grandma

Hello Heavyless,

I have to agree with your doctor, most of your health problems are probably coming from your diet.

At this point I'd be more worried about the infections, like your athletes foot and parasites. It's possible that your weight gain can be coming from having parasites. Most people think you always lose weight but that isn't true, many people actually gain weight when they have parasites. So the first thing I'd suggest is that you and your daughter go on a cleanse. You can read all about parasites and cleanses at:

You should also get that athletes foot under control. I have a remedy on my website for toenail fungus and athletes foot. Just go to the button on the left that reads "Vinegar Wisdom" and scroll down to the middle of the page, you'll find a link that says, "Toenail Fungus and Athletes Foot". Just click on that link to see what you can do.

I believe once you get the infections and parasites under control other health issues will start clearing up. Pay attention to what you are eating and enjoy good home cooking with lots of onions and garlic.


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