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Dear Grandma,
I have a 3 year old daughter who is constipated. I have tried prunes, grapes, apple juice, miralax, benafiber and they have not worked. What else can I do for my child?

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Nov 30, 2011
Power Pudding & Constipation
by: Grandma


It sounds to me that your daughter might be dealing with a dairy allergy. So the first thing I'd do it take her off of all dairy products for a few days. Next, I'd start her on the Power Pudding Recipe, it's very safe and effective. You can find the recipe if you go to the button on the left marked "Power Pudding". Star her off with a couple of teaspoons the first morning then a teaspoon or two every morning for at least a week.

I'd also read the information I wrote about dairy allergy. Just go to the button on the left that reads "Allergy Wisdom".


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