Chest Pain and Congestion

by Saqib Mahmood
(England )

Hi I am 30 Years Old Male. I am facing very bad heart burn and chest pain . since 8 years . please advice me how to get rid of it i had enough .



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Jul 13, 2011
by: Beccie

Grandma, you saved me with your suggestion of pineapple juice for my indigestion. I had so many bubbles in my little ole stomach that I couldn't eat. And you suggested drinking pineapple juice. It was the only thing that workd. Now if our friend here is having chest pain, it could be from a spastic esophogus, which causes terrible pain. I had to go to the dr. for that and he actually gave me nitroglycerin for the "spasm of the esophogus". I agree with Grandma, if the things she has suggested and the pineapple juice doesn't take care of the pain, check with the dr. for a spastic esophogus, it all goes together. When the indigestion has torn up your system for so long, the esophogus is spasming and you may need to get that checked too. Thank you Grandma for your wonderful remedy for the indigestion. I have since passed it on. Beccie

Jul 05, 2011
Congestion or Indigestion?
by: Grandma

Hello Saqib,

You have me confused. I'm not sure if you're asking about chest congestion or indigestion, two very differnt things and very different remedies.

I'm going to guess you've been suffering with indigestion since it's been so long you've had this condition. I'd suggest you try using the Vinegar Tonic recipe and see if you get any relief. You can find the recipe for it on the left marked, "Vinegar Tonic".

I'd also suggest you try eating an apple everyday. Honey is also good when you've been suffering so long. Just take a teaspoonful a couple of times a day to help heal the stomach. If these things don't seem to help, I'd suggest you see your doctor, he may need to run some tests.


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