Chest Congestion Remedy

by Connie
(Lubbock, TX)

I have read and agree with the cough remedy. But I need to break up the congestion and get it out of there..I started taking Musinex yesterday and maybe it helps but would prefer one of your natural remedies. Can you help?

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Sep 21, 2010
Natural Remedies for Chest Congestion
by: Grandma

Hello Connie,

One of the best remedies I've found to pull the phelm up from your chest is a vaporizer. I've used vaporizers for years anytime anyone in our family starts getting congested. The important remedy is to use plain sea salt water, never use those oils you buy in a drugstore. You have to keep the hairs in your bronical tubes brittle, this brings the phelm up. The oils put a wax coating on the hairs and won't allow the phelm to expel.

A good herbal remedy for cough and chest congestion is a tea made from Mullein leaves, Anise and Licorice root. You'll need to make sure you strain the tea before drinkiing it because the Mullein has small hairs that can irritate your throat. This mixture is very effective in bringing up phelm. Drink several cups through the day.

I still think that my hot toddy recipe and a good vaporizer is the best home remedy for chest congestion. I've used it for many years and you never have to worry about side effects.


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