Chest Congestion Remedies

by Naomi
(Louisville, KY USA)

I get a cold every time the weather changes and with this winter being a mild one I got a cold which led to chest congestion.

I cant stand going to the doctor or taking medicines but OTC meds haven't made it any better it's gotten worse. I just want a simple yet effective way to get rid of this. I'm a lot like my grandfather, he always said "I know my body better than any doctor" I have tried a "Hot Toddy" but I don't know how often to drink it. So any natural suggestions is greatly appreciated and will be tried as long as it doesn't involve a pill.

Two yrs ago I had pneumonia was in the hospital for 4 days then went home and 10 days after that I was back in the hospital for another 14 days but this time with double pneumomia, connected to I.V.'s and breathing treatments, meds and everything. I don't want to go there again, I can't stand going to the Dr., don't like needles, so needless to say by the near end of my stay I had anxiety so bad from being poked & prodded they had to give me something to relax me before sticking a needle in me again..
Please help any suggestions will be taken.

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May 12, 2012
How to fight cold
by: Jeslyn

Hi i had a similar experience like you, but i ve found a remedy for it, Here in India we get spiced tea/masala chai which can be prepared at home..when you boil your put these spices in small quantity-ginger,clove, pepper corn, cinnamon stick and cardamon..n boil ur tea as normal then milk and have..u get relief...but do put the secret ingredients i.e a small blade of lemon grass..and have and see the difference..this tea is hot in nature..advisable during rains,winter..also if do not wish to add only put lemon grass..its more tasty when the blade is fresh than dried up...also see the diff..ur cold.. digestions gets improved..and if ur not used to have to much tea..just boil all the above ingredients in water..put a good amount of lemon grass blades, some holy basil if possible and prepare its decotation, and have at least 4-5 times a day in small batches..ur cold will be at bay,also if u need to sit under the AC make it a pt to cover ur head.Eat a lot of indian gooseberries in pickled or candy form..ur immune system will always be good..and sickness will be at bay.

Mar 15, 2012
Chest congestion and Meds
by: Grandma

Hello Naomi,

Wow, do we sound like kindred spirits. Like you, I go into a complete meltdown whenever I think I may have to visit a medical doctor, take meds, or have to get something injected into me. I just don't go there, just can't, just won't. Your grandfather was right, nobody knows our bodies like we do.

Chest congestion is something that does get scary simply because it can turn into something dangerous fast. Your testimony is a good example. I'll admit, sometimes we do need to go down the antibiotic road, especially when things get as serious as what you went through. But I'm a true believer in trying to catch things early, way before it gets so serious.

The hot toddy recipe can be sipped whenever you feel you need to quiet a cough or tickle. Of course you don't want to be out driving or working when taking it. But it's something safe enough that you won't overdose and get side effects.

I know you don't want to take a pill but I am going to suggest you try an herbal capsule. It's one of my favorite herbal supplements that I take or give to my family anytime I notice a little congestion coming on. I've taken it for years and always have it on hand. It's called "ALJ". One of the main ingredients in it is licorice root. I love the taste whenever I take it and anytime I burp I taste licorice...ha! Anyway, this has pulled me through many many times when I had chest congestion. It actually brings that phlegm up and gets rid of that awful taste you get when you know you're developing an infection in your chest.

You can buy this at my other website:

I'd also suggest you take the analyzer questions...I totally trust this herbal company and it's the only herbal supplements I buy for myself or my family. If you do decide to try "ALJ" just type it into the search box and you'll see it listed. It's really very inexpensive especially when you join as a member, membership is free and so worth it.

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