Chest Congestion - Careful with the Hot Water Bottle Please
Your advice. Compare please with link below.
This website says Lying ON a hot water bottle is not a good idea.
Also says to warm bed with hot water bottle and remove it. Not to let kids have hot water bottle in bed with them.
Avoid hot water burns.

We all used to do these things but now we are told they are risky. I think it is because we have less common sense than in the old days. More computer sense, less common sense. :-)

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Nov 04, 2009
Thank You for Your Safety Concerns
by: Grandma


I can't thank you enough for posting the link to the website that lists the safety concerns of using a hot water bottle.

You're right! Sometimes I take for granted that people will use common sense when trying home remedies but that isn't always true. Old timers like me grew up with hot water bottles and we have all had our share of what you would call, "learning the hard way".

When my children were little I'd always wrap their hot water bottles in flannel (I forgot about that and will list that in my chest congestion article). I'd also test it when resting it against my bare skin before having them rest on one. Another big no no is, never fill a hot water bottle with boiling water. It will not only burn the skin it will also break the seal on the cap.

Thank you again for drawing my attention to this, I wish you would have listed your first name at least and where you're located. I consider you a real friend for being concerned enough to point this out to me. I will go back and list some of the safety precautions when using a hot water bottle.


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