Chemicals Absorbed Through the Skin

by alexandra Odell
(rancho mirage, california, usa)

You are incorrect in that everything one might put on the skin is absorbed through into the system. pores are shaped like a funnel with a "plug" in the end called the acid mantel. Most all dangerous substances absorbed through the skin have been removed from the market, such as lead and cadmium that use to be in paints. Queen Elizabeth 1 who painted her face with lead paint died a miserable death of acute symptoms of lead poisoning. What can penetrate the oily plug in the bottom of the funnel like pore IS medications and natural hormones that must be purchased with a prescription. Nano particles (that do penetrate the acid mantle & drag other molecules in with them such as carcinogenic preservatives) have been stopped form entering this country through efforts form such watch dog groups as the CAMPAIGN FOR SAFE COSMETICS. There are more restrictions and requirements for house paint than there are for products we put on our skin. The great nightmare is the loose mineral pigments that are a vase of silica know to cause silicosis- lung cancer. For more easy to understand what is in our cosmetics and why loose mineral pigments should be banned by the FDA go to for more information. Thanks for your effort to make a difference!

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Oct 09, 2011
Sharing Wisdom
by: Grandma

Thank you Alexandra, for taking the time to share your wisdom on chemicals absorbed through the skin.


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