Celery and Parsley for Dogs Bad Breath

Hi Grandma, how are you?

This is a different and off-the-wall question. I have a 5 year old poodle and she has horrific breath. My 10 year old poodle does not have bad breath...Do you think if I could get her to eat parsley or celery that it would stop the bad breath? Do you think what is good for us might work on my poodle? Sounds silly, huh?

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Aug 22, 2011
Naturally Treating Dogs Bad Breath
by: Grandma

Hi Brenda,

That isn't a silly question at all. We have to be careful of what we give our pets but dogs are pretty easy. Giving your dog celery would be a good idea, if you can get her to munch on a stalk. Carrots are also very good for dogs and can help with bad breath. But I wouldn't give a poodle parsley, simply because it may stick in her throat. Maybe if you finely chop it up and add it to her dog food she could get it down without the worry.

A few years ago I started adding a teaspoon of liquid chlorphyll to my dogs water, it was to help cleanse her blood because the vet thought she may have gotten into some poison. It ended up that I was feeding her those little packets of dog food from WalMart that had the poison gravy from China. By the time we figured out what was poisoning her it was too late. It breaks my heart to think about all we went through with her, she was my baby, she was a Bassett Hound and her name was Journey. I still haven't gotten another dog, simply because I can't handle the thought of losing another. But anyway, I did notice putting the liquid chlorphyll in her water helped, with not only her breath, but her body oder. So if the fresh vegetables don't work out for your poodle you might want to try the liquid chlorphyll. You can get it through my herbal website at:



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