Cat Urinary Tract Infection

by Kate O
(New York, usa)

I have a question regarding home remedies that are safe for cats to use. My cat is suffering from UTI which is Urinary Tract Infection. I tried what the vet recommended, which the usual antibiotics, a muscle relaxer which is usually prescribed for anti-anxiety (my cat is not anxious) The catheter and more antibiotics.

I have spent my last savings on vet bills. Anitbiotics make my cat very sick. I need a common sense and tried and proven remedy.

The vet said he found crystals and lots of bacteria. At first the cat urinated blood, and then regular urine, and then a week later one day blood followed by urine. This occurred Three time in a month. I tried the vet prescribed pet food, canned. His condition has improved but he still has UTI. I am transitioning him to the raw diet, so he is still eating canned food. I visited a naturopath and she recommended I stop all the vet medicine, and start a raw diet, probiotics, cantharsis, berberis bulgaris, and some other herbal remedies. At first it worked but now he is back to frequent urination-uti. His urin is clear it is not full of blood like the first days after visiting the clinic.

You were able to help my cat about a year ago with the flea problem, Thank- you. I hope you know of a natural remedy that is safe to use on a cat. My cat is allergic to brewer's yeast so I have heard that the apple cider vinegar is fermented with the mother yeast, so I am wondering if you know of other remedies. The vet was not sure whether he saw stones in the ureter, the tube that leads from the kidneys to the bladder, on the x-ray, it looked little stones. But the vet said the x-ray of the kidneys are not clear. All he saw that first day was that his bladder had gotten so big, because of a full bladder and the cat not being able to pee. That was then but now he is better but he still has UTI.

I hope you can help me, I know many have cured their cats of this terrible and painful disease. I know prevention is the best thing to do but meanwhile I would like to save my cat.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Jun 24, 2015
Oh Jesus!
by: Peter Hills

It’s really a crucial condition for the cat. I am feeling sorry for her. A pet owner can never bear such condition of his beloved pet. I want to suggest you to go for a good veterinarian center because home remedies will take a longer time to be cured and you may lose your cat. So it’s better to move to another reputed animal hospital. Veterinary Clinics chatsworth. After all the important thing is to save her life.

Jun 23, 2015
Nice one.
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing.

Apr 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

Grandma, you forgot to tell everyone about Apple Cider Vinegar. 1/2 tspn mixed with 2 tspns of pure water cures UTI within days, if not one day!

Jun 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

I just found out my cat has a UTI, but after doing some reading, Ive been giving my cat milk daily. Perhaps that is part of the problem?

Nov 06, 2011
is greek yogurt like milk?
by: Anonymous

I am having the same issue with my kitten. He loves greek yogurt. could this be the problem I give him a teaspoon in the morning and some times in the afternoon?

Feb 26, 2010
Urinary Tract Infections in Cats
by: Grandma

Hello Kate,

I'm so sorry to hear about your cat suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection. I remember how concerned you were last year when you wrote to me about a home remedy for fleas. I'm so glad that what I suggest worked. Make sure you start spraying early again this year, around April, that's the last thing your cat needs after being so ill.

It's so sad what the vets are charging for the care of our pets. I know one of my son's and his wife went through what you are going through. They have 3 cats and they all came down with UTI and the vet was charging them outragious fees for antibiotics, and like you, it didn't seem to help. In fact they got worse. That was when they called me.

The first thing I need to suggest here is, never, ever give your cat milk. That causes UTI in cats. Plus, never give your cat the cheap dried cat food, it is full of ash. Make sure your dried cat food is at least 40% protein, but make sure it don't have dairy!

It sounds like the raw food diet is working for your cat. I honestly don't know much about this diet. I told my son to put his cats on a chicken diet. Just boil some chicken and cut into small pieces, add a little of the broth to keep it from being dry. Keep them on the chicken for a couple of weeks before trying them back on the regular cat food, again I told him to make sure the cat foods main ingredient is chicken, not dairy,and it's 40% protein. I also suggest he buy a couple of gallons of spring water for his cats and only give them spring water. There are a lot of chemicals in tap water that may be irritating your cat. I'd also get some organic cat nip for your cat. Catnip might give it a buzz at first but it's actually very good for cats. It will relax your cat and settle the stomach so the food will digest.

I hope this helps Kate, there is nothing expensive here to try. It will take about three days to a week to see results. I hope you'll let me know how your cat is doing.


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