Bone Loss

by Bev

Hi Grandma! I love your website - haven't had time to investigate thoroughly but have fwd'd it to a couple friends that love it too.

I have been diagnosed with arthritis (I know I need raisins and vodka!!) last year after much joint pain. I had a bad case of Epstein Barr virus at the same time and also diagnosed with Hepa C-2009 was whacky!! Now my 1st bone loss test shows 'High risk for hip fractures'!! My dr. wants to now prescribe fosamax for bone loss while I already take celebrex for my arthritis and joint/bone pain. I take vit. D and calcium now but am afraid to take fosamax. I've read some horror stories lately. Any suggestions?
I trust herbal remedies more that what doctors prescribe.

By the way, a little about my lifestyle: I have been a self employed housekeeper for years as I need to earn more mopney that secretarial work pays. I live in a tourist area, but otherwise it is a depressed area. I am divorced, pretty much just work and sleep.

Can you suggest something for bone building? Thanks Gradma!

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Apr 23, 2010
Bone Loss & Diet
by: Grandma

Hello Bev,

First I want to thank you for your confidence in me and my website. It's so nice of you to suggest your friends visit here too. I'm so sorry to read about how tough 2009 was for you.

By law I honestly can't tell you what medications to take or not to take, but I can say that if my Dr. suggested I take that medication I'd try to find a natural alternative. I'd take things like calcium and magnesium, in fact I do take that mixture, everyday. I'm glad you're taking vitamin D, that's really important when you're not able to get out in the sunshine everyday. By the way, I take it too.

I have to also suggest that you stay away from dairy. I know, I know, everybody says you need it for strong bones and teeth but I don't believe that. In fact, I think it does the opposite. Pay attention to your diet and when you look at your dinner plate I want you to see bright colors of green, orange, yellow and red. Try to limit that golden brown stuff. I'd also start excercising with light weights. This will build strong bones and muscle tissue to keep those bones in place.

I noticed you also live in PA. I just love PA and going into the mountains every chance I get. I love nature and the outdoors. It's so hard being the only parent and trying to work from home. You said you live in a tourist area, have you ever thought of building a website about that area? I just love building my websites and builiding an income that will keep me comfortable for the rest of my life and doing it all from home. If you haven't yet, visit my "About Grandma" and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Wishing you and your children a wonderful life, try getting outdoors and enjoying what all those tourists are finding interesting.


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