Be Alive Creations: Enjoy the Best Nature has to Offer You

by Beccie
(North Carolina)

Hi there,
My name is Beccie and I have shared many Essential Oil tips for Grandma's clients. She has blessed me with her herbal treatments and has encouraged me to share my Essential Oil remedies with you.
I have started up my Essential Oil business again and have added new products to the list.

Be Alive Creations is maintained from my home and with the finest ingredients that nature has to offer you. The start of my business came from a time in my life when I was very, very sick and I had no insurance and no doctors. So, I took an Essential Oil, online, college certificate class and made up blends of these oils that cover just about every ailment you may have. From there my business was created.

My biggest problem was the pain that I was in and I made up a formula I call Aches and Pains and it is wonderful. I now make it up in large portions and have bottles of this miracle blend all over the house. It truly is amazing. I also found out this blend helps with the toenail and fingernail fungus that diabetics have to go through.

I offer homemade all natural goat milk's soap, essential oil blends custom made just for you, raw unrefined whipped shea butter blends with essential oils, shea butter lip balm, and hand rolled musk and strawberry incense sticks just to name a few of my products.

I would like to invite you to write me any time at and we can discuss what ails you and what Essential Oil blends we can come up with custom made just for you. Please write Grandma's Wisdom in the subject line so I make sure I get it.

I look forward to working with you and helping you find a natural alternative for what ails you.

Be Alive Creations

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